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From Harikrishnan Pillai <>
Subject Re: Has anyone deployed a production cluster with less than 6 nodes per DC?
Date Mon, 26 Dec 2016 22:09:12 GMT
1 million write per hour is around 250 writes per second .its easily achievable with 3 nodes
.make sure that you have a good gc tuning and compaction tunings.

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On Dec 26, 2016, at 1:27 PM, Ney, Richard <<>>

My company has a product we're about to deploy into AWS with Cassandra setup as a two 3 node
clusters in two availability zones (m4.2xlarge with 2 500GB EBS volumes per node). We're doing
over a million writes per hour with the cluster setup with R-2 and local quorum writes. We
run successfully for several hours before Cassandra goes into the weeds and we start getting
write timeouts to the point we must kill the Cassandra JVM processes to get the Cassandra
cluster to restart. I keep raising to my upper management that the cluster is severely undersized
but management is complaining that setting up 12 nodes is too expensive and to change the
code to reduce load on Cassandra.

So, the main question is "Is there any hope of success with a 3 node DC setup of Cassandra
in production or are we on a fool's errand?"

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