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From Anuj Wadehra <>
Subject Join_ring=false Use Cases
Date Tue, 13 Dec 2016 17:58:32 GMT
I need to understand the use case of join_ring=false in case of node outages. As per,
you would want join_ring=false when you have to repair a node before bringing a node back
after some considerable outage. The problem I see with join_ring=false is that unlike autobootstrap,
the node will NOT accept writes while you are running repair on it. If a node was down for
5 hours and you bring it back with join_ring=false, repair the node for 7 hours and then
make it join the ring, it will STILL have missed writes because while the time repair was
running (7 hrs), writes only went to other others. So, if you want to make sure that reads served by
the restored node at CL ONE will return consistent data after the node has joined, you
wont get that as writes have been missed while the node is being repaired. And if you work
with Read/Write CL=QUORUM, even if you bring back the node without join_ring=false, you
would anyways get the desired consistency. So, how join_ring would provide any additional
consistency in this case ??
I can see join_ring=false useful only when I am restoring from Snapshot or bootstrapping
and there are dropped mutations in my cluster which are not fixed by hinted handoff.
For Example: 3 nodes A,B,C working at Read/Write CL QUORUM. Hinted Handoff=3 hrs.10 AM Snapshot
taken on all 3 nodes11 AM: Node B goes down for 4 hours3 PM: Node B comes up but data is not
repaired. So, 1 hr of dropped mutations (2-3 PM) not fixed via Hinted Handoff.5 PM: Node
A crashes.6 PM: Node A restored from 10 AM Snapshot, Node A started with join_ring=false,
repaired and then joined the cluster.
In above restore snapshot example, updates from 2-3 PM were outside hinted handoff window
of 3 hours. Thus, node B wont get those updates. Node A data for 2-3 PM is already lost.
So, 2-3 PM updates are only on one replica i.e. node C and minimum consistency needed is QUORUM
so join_ring=false would help. But this is very specific use case.  

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