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From "Branislav Janosik -T (bjanosik - AAP3 INC at Cisco)" <>
Subject Cassandra cluster performance
Date Wed, 21 Dec 2016 22:26:00 GMT
Hi all,

I’m working on a project and we have Java benchmark test for testing the performance when
using Cassandra database. Create operation on a single node Cassandra cluster is about 15K
operations per second. Problem we have is when I set up cluster with 2 or more nodes (each
of them are on separate virtual machines and servers), the performance goes down to 1K ops/sec.
I follow the official instructions on how to set up a multinode cluster – the only things
I change in Cassandra.yaml file are: change seeds to IP address of one node, change listen
and rpc address to IP address of the node and finally change endpoint snitch to GossipingPropertyFileSnitch.
The replication factor is set to 1 when having 2-node cluster. I use only one datacenter.
The cluster seems to be doing fine (I can see nodes communicating) and so is the CPU, RAM
usage on the machines.

Does anybody have any ideas? Any help would be very appreciated.


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