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From Kant Kodali <>
Subject Is there a way to do Read and Set at Cassandra level?
Date Sat, 05 Nov 2016 10:24:34 GMT
I have a requirement where I need to know last value that is written
successfully so I could read that value and do some computation and include
it in the subsequent write. For now we are doing read before write which
significantly degrades the performance. Light weight transactions are more
of a compare and set than a Read and Set. The very first thing I tried is
to see if I can eliminate this need by the application but looks like it is
a strong requirement for us so I am wondering if there is any way I can
optimize that? I know batching could help in the sense I can do one read
for every batch so that the writes in the batch doesn't take a read
performance hit but I wonder if there is any clever ideas or tricks I can

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