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From Vladimir Yudovin <>
Subject Re: Designing a table in cassandra
Date Tue, 08 Nov 2016 14:09:26 GMT
Hi Sathish,

probably I didn't catch exactly your requirements, but why not create single table for all
devices, and represent each device as rows, storing both user and network configuration per
device. You can use MAP for flexible storage model.

If you have thousandth of devices creating own table for each device can be quite heavy solution.

Best regards, Vladimir Yudovin, 

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---- On Sun, 06 Nov 2016 19:23:20 -0500sat &lt;; wrote ----


We are new to Cassandra. For our POC, we tried creating table and inserting them as JSON and
all these went fine. Now we are trying to implement one of the application scenario, and I
am having difficulty in coming up with the best approach. 


We have a Device POJO which have some attributes/fields which are read/write by users as well
as network and some attributes/fields only network can modify. When users need to configure
they will create an instance of Device POJO and set/configure applicable fields, however network
can update those attributes. We wanted to know the discrepancy by the values configured by
users versus the values updated by network. Hence we have thought of 3 different approaches

1) Create multiple tables for the same Device like Device_Users and Device_Network so that
we can see the difference.

2) Create different Keyspace as multiple objects like Device can have the same requirement

3) Create one "Device" table and insert one row for user configuration and another row for
network update. We will create this table with multiple primary key (device_name, updated_by)

Please let us know which is the best option (with their pros and cons if possible) among these
3, and also let us know if there are other options.

Thanks and Regards


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