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From Alexander Dejanovski <>
Subject Re: non incremental repairs with cassandra 2.2+
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2016 16:34:39 GMT
Hi Sean,

you should be able to do that by running subrange repairs, which is the
only type of repair that wouldn't trigger anticompaction AFAIK.
Beware that now you will have sstables marked as repaired and others marked
as unrepaired, which will never be compacted together.
You might want to flag all sstables as unrepaired before moving on, if you
do not intend to switch to incremental repair for now.


On Wed, Oct 19, 2016 at 6:31 PM Sean Bridges <>

> Hey,
> We are upgrading from cassandra 2.1 to cassandra 2.2.
> With cassandra 2.1 we would periodically repair all nodes, using the -pr
> flag.
> With cassandra 2.2, the same repair takes a very long time, as cassandra
> does an anti compaction after the repair.  This anti compaction causes most
> (all?) the sstables to be rewritten.  Is there a way to do full repairs
> without continually anti compacting?  If we do a full repair on each node
> with the -pr flag, will subsequent full repairs also force anti compacting
> most (all?) sstables?
> Thanks,
> Sean
Alexander Dejanovski

Apache Cassandra Consulting

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