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From Mickael Delanoƫ <>
Subject Lightweight transaction inside a batch : request rejected
Date Mon, 24 Oct 2016 07:58:46 GMT

I would like to use lightweight transaction inside a batch but the request
is rejected by cassandra, however I think this is a use case than could be
handled without problem.
Below is what I wanted to do.

I am using cassandra 3.7.

CREATE KEYSPACE test_ksp WITH replication = {'class': 'SimpleStrategy',
'replication_factor': '1'};

CREATE TABLE test_ksp.item (
    user_id bigint,
    item_id text,
    item_value text,
    item_key1 text,
    item_key2 text,
PRIMARY KEY ((user_id), item_id));

CREATE TABLE test_ksp.item_id_by_key (
    user_id bigint,
    item_key text,
    item_id text,
PRIMARY KEY ((user_id), item_key));

USE test_ksp;

INSERT INTO item (user_id, item_id, item_value, item_key1, item_key2)
values (1,'i11','item-C', 'key-XYZ-123', 'key-ABC-789') IF NOT EXISTS;
INSERT INTO item_id_by_key (user_id, item_key, item_id) VALUES (1,
'key-XYZ-123', 'i11');
INSERT INTO item_id_by_key (user_id, item_key, item_id) VALUES (1,
'key-ABC-789', 'i11');

So as you can see this is a batch that targets 2 tables but with the same
partition key (i.e the same target nodes). Moreover It uses only ONE
condition on one table only.
I don't understand why cassandra returns an error "Batch with conditions
cannot span multiple tables" in that case.

I understand that if I had used several conditions on different tables it
could be a problem, but in my case there is only one condition and moreover
I have always the same partition key for every table inside the batch.
As there is only one condition, I expected the paxos protocol just act on
this condition and as the partition keys are all the same, the paxos
protocol has only to work with the same replica nodes (not span across
multiple partition).
In my point of view this is as if the LWT was in a single statement, except
that after the LWT is accepted a complete batch has to be executed.

Is there someone that could explain why this use case need to be rejected
by cassandra? And do you think this is something that cassandra could
handle in a future version ?


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