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From jerome <>
Subject Is it possible to replay hints after running nodetool drain?
Date Fri, 02 Sep 2016 20:53:07 GMT

As part of routine maintenance for our cluster, my colleagues and I will run a nodetool drain
before stopping a Cassandra node, performing maintenance, and bringing it back up. We run
maintenance as a cron-job with a lock stored in a different cluster to ensure only node is
ever down at a time. We would like to make sure the node has replayed all its hints before
bringing it down to minimize the potential window in which users might read out-of-date data
(we read at a consistency level of ONE). Is it possible to replay hints after performing a
nodetool drain? The documentation leads me to believe its not since Cassandra will stop listening
for connections from other nodes, but I was unable to find anything definitive either way.
If a node won't replay hints after a nodetool drain, is there perhaps another way to tell
Cassandra to stop listening for client connections but continue to replay hints to other nodes.



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