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From Dorian Hoxha <>
Subject Using keyspaces for virtual clusters
Date Tue, 20 Sep 2016 20:49:12 GMT

I need to separate clients data into multiple clusters and because I don't
like having multiple cql clients/connections on my app-code, I'm thinking
of creating many keyspaces and storing them into many virtual datacenters
(the servers will be in 1 logical datacenter, but separated by keyspaces).

Does that make sense (so growing up to 200 dcs of 3 servers each in best
case scenario)?

Does the cql-engine make a new connection (like "use keyspace") when
specifying "keyspace.table" on the query ?

Are the keyspaces+tables of dc1 stored in a cassandra node of dc2 ?(since
there is overhead with each keyspace + table which would probably break
this design)
Or is it just a simple map dcx--->ip1,ip2,ip3 ?

Thank you!

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