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From Paulo Motta <>
Subject Re: Upgrade cassandra 2.1.14 to 3.0.7
Date Mon, 12 Sep 2016 11:55:07 GMT
Migration procedure is no longer required for incremental repair as of
2.1.4 since CASSANDRA-8004, which was the reason why the migration
procedure was required for LCS before. The migration procedure is only
useful now to skip validation on already repaired sstables in the first
incremental repair run by marking them as repaired before running the first
incremental repair, otherwise anti-compaction will mark them as repaired in
the first run since CASSANDRA-7586 on 2.2+.

2016-09-06 5:26 GMT-03:00 Jean Carlo <>:

> Hello guys
> We are planing to upgrade cassandra soon to the version 3.0.7 from 2.1.14.
> Our concern is the repair, in 3.0.7 repairs inc are by default. Then it
> means that once we do the upgrade to 3.0.7 we must follow the migration
> process of repairs inc for all our data in order to mark the sstables as
> repaired ? or we can just run directly the repair command without need to
> mark the sstables previously?
> My first test with ccm tells me that we don't need to mark the sstables
> because the repair in the 3.0.7 do it for you, but I want to ask if someone
> has done this migration and confirm my assumption
> Best regards.
> Jean Carlo
> "The best way to predict the future is to invent it" Alan Kay

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