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From Qi Li <>
Subject race condition for quorum consistency
Date Wed, 14 Sep 2016 09:46:38 GMT
hi all,

we are using quorum consistency, and we *suspect* there may be a race
condition during the write. lets say RF is 3. so write will wait for at
least 2 nodes to ack. suppose there is only 1 node acked(node A). the other
2 nodes(node B, C) are still waiting to update. there come two read requests
one read is having the data responded from the node B and C, so version 1
us returned.
the other node is having data responded from node A and B, so the latest
version 2 is returned.

so clients are getting different data at the same time. is this a valid
analysis? if so, is there any options we can set to deal with this issue?


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