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From Timo Ahokas <>
Subject Rebuild failing when adding new datacenter (3.0.8)
Date Thu, 22 Sep 2016 13:47:17 GMT

We have a Cassandra 3.0.8 cluster (recently upgraded from 2.1.15) currently
running in two data centers (13 and 19 nodes, RF3 in both). We are adding a
third data center before decommissioning one of the earlier ones.
Installing Cassandra (3.0.8) goes fine and all the nodes join the cluster
(not set to bootstrap, as documented in

When trying to rebuild nodes in the new DC from a previous DC (nodetool
rebuild -- DC1), we get the following error:

Unable to find sufficient sources for streaming range
(597769692463489739,597931451954862346] in keyspace system_distributed

The same error occurs which ever of the 2 existing DCs we try to rebuild

We run pr repairs (nodetool repair -pr) on all nodes twice a week via cron.

Any advice on how to get the rebuild started?

Best regards,

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