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From kurt Greaves <>
Subject Read Repairs and CL
Date Sun, 28 Aug 2016 00:52:14 GMT
Looking at the wiki for the read path (, in the bottom diagram
for reading with a read repair, it states the following when "reading from
all replica nodes" after there is a hash mismatch:

If hashes do not match, do conflict resolution. First step is to read all
> data from all replica nodes excluding the fastest replica (since CL=ALL)

 In the bottom left of the diagram it also states:

> In this example:

The (since CL=ALL) implies that the CL for the read during the read repair
is based off the CL of the query. However I don't think that makes sense at
other CLs. Anyway, I just want to clarify what CL the read for the read
repair occurs at for cases where the overall query CL is not ALL.


Kurt Greaves

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