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From Jérôme Mainaud <>
Subject Re: full and incremental repair consistency
Date Fri, 19 Aug 2016 15:57:02 GMT
> - Either way, with or without the flag will actually be equivalent when
> none of the sstables are marked as repaired (this will change after the
> first inc repair).

So, if I well understand, the repair -full -local command resets the flag
of sstables previously repaired. So even if I had some sstable already
flagged, they won't be any more.

- The actual data component is mutable, only a flag in the STATS sstable
> component is mutated.

This is an important property I missed. That means that snapshots are
succeptible to mutate as they are hard links of actual file.
I also must care of this if I try to deduplicate files in a external backup

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