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From Aleksandr Ivanov <>
Subject Re: How to start using incremental repairs?
Date Fri, 26 Aug 2016 06:02:25 GMT
Thanks for confirmation Paulo. Then my understanding of proccess was

I'm curious why I still see unrepaired sstables after performing repair -pr
on all nodes in all datacenters...

пт, 26 Авг 2016 г., 3:25 Paulo Motta <>:

> 1. Migration procedure is no longer necessary after CASSANDRA-8004, and
> since you never ran repair before this would not make any difference
> anyway, so just run repair and by default (CASSANDRA-7250) this will
> already be incremental.
> 2. Incremental repair is not supported with -pr, -local or -st/-et
> options, so you should run incremental repair in all nodes in all DCs
> sequentially (you should be aware that this will probably generate inter-DC
> traffic), no need to disable autocompaction or stopping nodes.
> 2016-08-25 18:27 GMT-03:00 Aleksandr Ivanov <>:
>> I’m new in Cassandra and trying to figure out how to _start_ using
>> incremental repairs. I have seen article about “Migrating to incremental
>> repairs” but since I didn’t use repairs before at all and I use Cassandra
>> version v3.0.8, then maybe not all steps are needed which are mentioned in
>> Datastax article.
>> Should I start with full repair or I can start with executing “nodetool
>> repair -pr  my_keyspace” on all nodes without autocompaction disabling and
>> node stopping?
>> I have 6 datacenters with 6 nodes in each DC. Is it enough to run
>>  “nodetool repair -pr  my_keyspace” in one DC only or it should be executed
>> on all nodes in _all_ DCs?
>> I have tried to perform “nodetool repair -pr  my_keyspace” on all nodes
>> in all datacenters sequentially but I still can see non repaired SSTables
>> for my_keyspace   (Repaired at: 0). Is it expected behavior if during
>> repair data in my_keyspace wasn’t modified (no writes, no reads)?

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