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From "Lu, Boying" <>
Subject A question to updatesstables
Date Thu, 18 Aug 2016 09:56:58 GMT
Hi, All,

We use Cassandra in our product. I our early release we use Cassandra 1.2.10 whose SSTable
is 'ic' format.
We upgrade Cassandra to 2.0.10 in our product release. But the Cassandra server failed to
start due to the
incompatible SSTable format and the log message told us to use 'nodetool updatesstables' to
upgrade SSTable files.

To make sure that no negative impact on our data, I want to confirm following things about
this command before trying it:

1.       Does it work without Cassandra server running?

2.       Will it cause data lost with this command?

3.       What's the best practice to void this error occurs again (e.g. upgrading Cassandra
next time)?



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