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From Alexandre Santana <>
Subject Divergence from Cassandra partition_count and partition keys count
Date Thu, 07 Jul 2016 18:15:32 GMT

Im trying to use spark with cassandra and it was oddly generating several
spark jobs because spark follow the guidelines generated by
partitions_count and mean_partition_size. The problem is that I have a very
small table (300MB) with only 16 distinct partition keys running on a
single C* node.

Even though, when I query partitions_count and mean_partition_size I get
the following numbers:
 91959383 and 256 respectively. That's way higher than what I have and
"nodetools cfstats" shows me that the tables are correcly way smaller.

Can someone explain me why this happens or, if it is an error, how to fix

Obs: Im using cassandra 2.2.6

Thanks in Advance,
Alexandre Santana

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