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From Alain RODRIGUEZ <>
Subject Re: (C)* stable version after 3.5
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2016 14:01:44 GMT

The only "fix" release after 3.5 is 3.7. Yet hard to say if it is more
stable, we can hope so.

For Tic-Toc releases (on 3.X)

Odd numbers are fix releases.
Even numbers are feature releases.

Not sure why you want something above 3.5, but take care, those versions
are really recent, and less tested so maybe not that "stable". If you want
something more stable, I believe you can go with 3.0.8.

Yet I am not telling you not to do that, some people need to start testing
new things right... So if you choose 3.7 because you want some feature from
there, it is perfectly ok, just move carefully, maybe read some opened
tickets and previous experiences from the community and test the upgrade
process first on a dev cluster.

Also I am not sure if the 2.2 major version is something you can skip while
upgrading through a rolling restart. I believe you can, but it is not what
is recommended. Testing will let you know anyway.

Good luck and tell us how it went :-).

Alain Rodriguez -

The Last Pickle - Apache Cassandra Consulting

2016-07-12 11:05 GMT+02:00 Varun Barala <>:

> Hi all users,
> Currently we are using cassandra-2.1.13 but we want to upgrade *2.1.13 to
> 3.x* in production.
> Could anyone please tell me which is the most stable *cassandra version
> after 3.5*.
> Thanking You!!
> Regards,
> Varun Barala

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