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From Romain Hardouin <>
Subject Re: Open source equivalents of OpsCenter
Date Thu, 14 Jul 2016 09:18:20 GMT
Hi Juho,
Out of curiosity, which stack did you use to make your dashboard?  
    Le Jeudi 14 juillet 2016 10h43, Juho Mäkinen <> a écrit

 I'm doing some work on replacing OpsCenter in out setup. I ended creating a Docker container
which contains the following features:
 - Cassandra 2.2.7 - MX4J (a JMX to REST bridge) as a java-agent - metrics-graphite-3.1.0.jar
(export some but not all JMX to graphite) - a custom ruby which uses MX4J to export some
JMX metrics to graphite which we don't otherwise get.
With this I will get all our cassandra instances and their JMX exposed data to graphite, which
allows us to use Grafana and Graphite to draw pretty dashboards.
In addition I started writing some code which currently provides the following features: -
A dashboard which provides a similar ring view what OpsCenter does, with onMouseOver features
to display more info on each node. - Simple HTTP GET/POST based api to do    - Setup a
new non-vnode based cluster    - Get a JSON blob on cluster information, all its tokens,
machines and so on    - Api for new cluster instances so that they can get a token slot
from the ring when they boot.    - Option to kill a dead node and mark its slot for replace,
so the new booting node can use cassandra.replace_address option.
The node is not yet packaged in any way for distribution and some parts depend on our Chef
installation, but if there's interest I can publish at least some parts from it.
 - Garo
On Thu, Jul 14, 2016 at 10:54 AM, Romain Hardouin <> wrote:

Do you run C* on physical machine or in the cloud? If the topology doesn't change too often
you can have a look a Zabbix. The downside is that you have to set up all the JMX metrics
yourself... but that's also a good point because you can have custom metrics. If you want
nice graphs/dashboards you can use Grafana to plot Zabbix data. (We're also using SaaS but
that's not open source).For the rolling restart and other admin stuff we're using Rundeck.
It's a great tool when working in a team.
(I think it's time to implement an open source alternative to OpsCenter. If some guys are
interested I'm in.)


    Le Jeudi 14 juillet 2016 0h01, Ranjib Dey <> a écrit :

 we use datadog (metrics emitted as raw statsd) for the dashboard. All repair & compaction
is done via blender & serf[1].[1] 

On Wed, Jul 13, 2016 at 2:42 PM, Kevin O'Connor <> wrote:

Now that OpsCenter doesn't work with open source installs, are there any runs at an open source
equivalent? I'd be more interested in looking at metrics of a running cluster and doing other
tasks like managing repairs/rolling restarts more so than historical data.


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