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From Arun Ramakrishnan <>
Subject Cassandra monitoring
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2016 19:10:06 GMT
What are the options for a very small and nimble startup to do keep a
cassandra cluster running well oiled. We are on AWS. We are interested in a
monitoring tool and potentially also cluster management tools.

We are currently on apache cassandra 3.7. We were hoping the datastax
opscenter would be it (It is free for startups our size). But, looks like
it does not support cassandra versions greater than v2.1. It is pretty
surprising considering cassandra v2.1  came out in 2014.

We would consider downgrading to datastax cassandra 2.1 just to have robust
monitoring tools. But, I am not sure if having opscenter offsets all the
improvements that have been added to cassandra since 2.1.

Sematext has a integrations for monitoring cassandra. Does anyone have good
experience with it ?

How much work would be involved to setup Ganglia or some such option for
cassandra ?


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