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From Felipe Esteves <>
Subject Change authorization from AllowAllAuthorizer to CassandraAuthorizer
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2016 16:06:41 GMT
Hi guys,

I have a Cassandra 2.1.8 Community cluster running with AllowAllAuthorizer
and have to change it, so I can implement permissions in different users.
As I've checked in the docs, seems like a simple change,
from AllowAllAuthorizer to CassandraAuthorizer in cassandra.yaml.
However, I'm a litte concerned about the performance of the cluster while
I'm restarting all the nodes. Is it possible to have any downtime (access
errors, maybe), as all the data was created with AllowAllAuthorizer?

Felipe Esteves

Tecnologia <>

Tel.: (21) 3504-7162 ramal 57162


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