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From "Lu, Boying" <>
Subject RE: How to remove 'compact storage' attribute?
Date Sun, 12 Jun 2016 08:05:24 GMT
Thanks a lot for your suggestion.

Actually what we want to do is to use
to provide user more powerful ‘searching/sorting’ functions on large data set in our product.
But it doesn’t support ‘compact storage’ tables.

I wonder why the ‘create custom index’ doesn’t support ‘compact storage’ tables?
 My understanding is that
Cassandra uses the class provided by user (through the ‘USING’ clause) to do the index
which should be unrelated to the ‘compact storage’ attribute.

Is there any way that I can register a hook to the Cassandra what is invoked on all the related
nodes when upsert a record? We use Cassandra 2.1.x.



From: Romain Hardouin []
Sent: 2016年6月8日 20:12
Subject: Re: How to remove 'compact storage' attribute?


You can't yet, see
Note that secondary indexes don't scale. Be aware of their limitations.
If you want to change the data model of a CF, a Spark job can do the trick.



Le Mardi 7 juin 2016 10h51, "Lu, Boying" <<>>
a écrit :

Hi, All,

Since the Astyanax client has been EOL, we are considering to migrate to Datastax java client
in our product.

One thing I notice is that the CFs created  by Astyanax have ‘compact storage’ attribute
which prevent us from
using some new features provided by CQL such as secondary index.

Does anyone know how to remove this attribute? “ALTER TABLE” seems doesn’t work according
to the CQL document.



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