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From kurt Greaves <>
Subject Re: Increasing replication factor and repair doesn't seem to work
Date Mon, 23 May 2016 23:28:26 GMT
Do you have 1 node in each DC or 2? If you're saying you have 1 node in
each DC then a RF of 2 doesn't make sense. Can you clarify on what your set
up is?

On 23 May 2016 at 19:31, Luke Jolly <> wrote:

> I am running 3.0.5 with 2 nodes in two DCs, gce-us-central1 and
> gce-us-east1.  I increased the replication factor of gce-us-central1 from 1
> to 2.  Then I ran 'nodetool repair -dc gce-us-central1'.  The "Owns" for
> the node switched to 100% as it should but the Load showed that it didn't
> actually sync the data.  I then ran a full 'nodetool repair' and it didn't
> fix it still.  This scares me as I thought 'nodetool repair' was a way to
> assure consistency and that all the nodes were synced but it doesn't seem
> to be.  Outside of that command, I have no idea how I would assure all the
> data was synced or how to get the data correctly synced without
> decommissioning the node and re-adding it.

Kurt Greaves

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