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From Atul Saroha <>
Subject Migrating from Cassandra-Lucene to SASI
Date Wed, 18 May 2016 11:08:12 GMT
>From Duy Hai DOAN's blog :

   Please note that SASI does not intercept DELETE for indexing. Indeed the
> resolution and reconciliation of deleted data is let to Cassandra at read
> time. SASI only indexes INSERT and UPDATE.

With this it feels that Lucene is better if you have use-case of frequent
deletes on CF as it marks documents deleted and will be cleaned later.

Though I dint find any doc mentioning how SASI indexes are cleaned after
grace period expired for the tombstone. Will it be remove or not? Ideally
it should be removed.

Also fetching functionality of lucene 'filter' search and SASI is also
sequancial, i.e. no scatter gather.

Does it worth to migrate to SASI if your column family face heavy deletes
Atul Saroha
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