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From Alain RODRIGUEZ <>
Subject Re: Bloom filter memory usage disparity
Date Tue, 17 May 2016 15:05:56 GMT
Hi, we would need more information here (if you did not solve it yet).

What is your Cassandra version?
Does this 3 node cluster use a Replication Factor of 3?
Did you change the bloom_filter_fp_chance recently?

That table has about 16M keys and 140GB of data.

Is that the total value or per node? In any case, we need the data size for
the 3 nodes to understand.

It might have been a temporary situation, but in this case you would know
by now.


2016-05-03 18:47 GMT+02:00 Kai Wang <>:

> Hi,
> I have a table on 3-node cluster. I notice bloom filter memory usage are
> very different on one of the node. For a given table, I checked
> CassandraMetricsRegistry$JmxGauge.[table]_BloomFilterOffHeapMemoryUsed.Value.
> 2 of 3 nodes show 1.5GB while the other shows 2.5 GB.
> What could be the reason?
> That table is using LCS.
> bloom_filter_fp_chance=0.1
> That table has about 16M keys and 140GB of data.
> Thanks.

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