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From Paul Dunkler <>
Subject Cassandra 2.1: Snapshot data changing while transferring
Date Tue, 31 May 2016 09:03:10 GMT
Hi there,

i am sometimes running in very strange errors while backing up snapshots from a cassandra

Cassandra version:

What i basically do:
1. nodetool snapshot
2. tar all snapshot folders into one file
3. transfer them to another server

What happens is that tar just sometimes give the error message "file changed as we read it"
while its adding a .db-file from the folder of the previously created snapshot.
If i understand everything correct, this SHOULD never happen. Snapshots should be totally
immutable, right?

Am i maybe hitting a bug or is there some rare case with running repair operations or what-so-ever
which can change snapshotted data?
I already searched through cassandra jira but couldn't find a bug which looks related to this

Would love to get some help on this.

Paul Dunkler

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