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From Erik Forsberg <>
Subject Extending a partially upgraded cluster - supported
Date Wed, 18 May 2016 18:17:28 GMT

I have a 2.0.13 cluster which I need to do two things with:

* Extend it
* Upgrade to 2.1.14

I'm pondering in what order to do things. Is it a supported operation to 
extend a partially upgraded cluster, i.e. a cluster upgraded to 2.0 
where not all sstables have been upgraded?

If I do that, will the sstables written on the new nodes be in the 2.1 
format when I add them? Or will they be written in the 2.0 format so 
I'll have to run upgradesstables anyway?

The cleanup I do on the existing nodes, will write the new 2.1 format, 

There might be other reasons not to do this, one being that it's seldom 
wise to do many operations at once. So please enlighten me on how bad an 
idea this is :-)


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