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From Rajesh Radhakrishnan <>
Subject UUID coming as int while using SPARK SQL
Date Tue, 24 May 2016 10:23:13 GMT

I got a Cassandra keyspace, but while reading the data(especially UUID) via Spark SQL using
Python is not returning the correct value.

My table 'SAM'' is described below:

CREATE table ks.sam (id uuid, dept text, workflow text, type double primary  key (id, dept))

SELECT id, workflow FROM sam WHERE dept='blah';

The above example  CQL gives me the following
id                                   | workflow
 9547v26c-f528-12e5-da8b-001a4q3dac10 |       testWK

from pyspark import SparkConf
from pyspark.sql import SQLContext
import pyspark_cassandra
from pyspark_cassandra import CassandraSparkContext

conf = SparkConf().set("",IP_ADDRESS).set("spark.cassandra.connection.native.port",PORT_NUMBER)
sparkContext = CassandraSparkContext(conf = conf)
sqlContext = SQLContext(sparkContext)

samTable =sparkContext.cassandraTable("ks", "sam").select('id', 'dept','workflow')


 sparkSQLl ="SELECT distinct id, dept, workflow FROM samd WHERE workflow='testWK'
 new_df = sqlContext.sql(sparkSQLl)
 results  =  new_df.collect()
 for row in results:
            print "dept=",row.dept
            print "wk=",row.workflow
            print "id=",
The Python code above prints the following:

You can see here that the id (uuid) whose correct value at Cassandra is ' 9547v26c-f528-12e5-da8b-001a4q3dac10'
 but via Spark I am getting an int '29394689414109360733496367433219289452'.
What I am doing wrong here? How to get the correct UUID value from Cassandra via Spark/Python
? Please help me.

Thank you
Rajesh R

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