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From jason zhao yang <>
Subject Cassandra table limitation
Date Mon, 04 Apr 2016 14:17:35 GMT

This is Jason.

Currently, I am using C* 2.1.10, I want to ask what's the optimal number of
tables I should create in one cluster?

My use case is that I will prepare a keyspace for each of my tenant, and
every tenant will create tables they needed. Assume each tenant created 50
tables with normal workload (half read, half write).   so how many number
of tenants I can support in one cluster?

I know there are a few issues related to large number of tables.
* frequent GC
* frequent flush due to insufficient memory
* large latency when modifying table schema
* large amount of tombstones during creating table

Is there any other issues with large number of tables? Using a 32GB
instance, I can easily create 4000 tables with off-heap-memtable.

BTW, Is this table limitation solved in 3.X?

Thank you very much.

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