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From Nico Haller <>
Subject MX4J with Cassandra 3.5 always empty response
Date Mon, 25 Apr 2016 14:43:02 GMT
I just added the mx4j-tools jar (version 3.0.2) in my lib folder and also
enabled remote jmx access without authentication (using firewall to protect
During startup I can see the two following log statements:

HttpAdaptor version 3.0.2 started on port 8081
mx4j successfuly loaded

So, it seems like everything is working fine. In netstat I can also see
that it is listening on that port, but when I try to open the web interface
(http://myhost:8081/), I just get an empty response (HTTP 200, but
content-length 0).
Tried several different paths (e.g. /server /serverbydomain /mbean), all
200 with an empty response.
There are no further logs related to mx4j.

Has anybody seen such a behavior before? Did I miss any mandatory


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