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From Anubhav Kale <>
Subject DTCS Question
Date Wed, 16 Mar 2016 17:49:20 GMT
I am using Cassandra 2.1.13 which has all the latest DTCS fixes (it does STCS within the DTCS
windows). It also introduced a field called MAX_WINDOW_SIZE which defaults to one day.

So in my data folders, I may see SS Tables that span beyond a day (generated through old data
through repairs or commit logs), but whenever I see a message in logs "Compacted Foo" (meaning
the SS Table under question was definitely a result of compaction), the "Foo" SS Table should
never have data beyond a day. Is this understanding accurate ?

If we have issues with repairs pulling in old data, should MAX_WINDOW_SIZE instead be set
to a larger value so that we don't run the risk of too many SS Tables lying around and never
getting compacted ?

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