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From "Peddi, Praveen" <>
Subject auto_boorstrap when a node is down
Date Wed, 30 Mar 2016 14:14:23 GMT
Hello all,
We just upgraded to 2.2.4 (from 2.0.9) and we noticed one issue when new nodes are added.
When we add a new node when no nodes are down in the cluster, everything works fine but when
we add new node while 1 node is down, I am seeing following error. My understanding was when
auto_bootstrap is enabled, bootstrapping process uses QUORUM consistency so it should work
when one node is down. Is that not correct? Is there a way to add a new node with bootstrapping,
but not using replace address option? We use auto scaling and new node gets added automatically
when one node goes down and since its all scripted I can't use replace address in
file as a one-time option.

One fallback mechanism we could use is to disable auto bootstrap and let read repairs populate
the data over time but its not ideal. Is this even a good alternative to this failure?

ERROR 20:30:45 Exception encountered during startup
java.lang.RuntimeException: A node required to move the data consistently is down (/xx.xx.xx.xx).
If you wish to move the data from a potentially inconsistent replica, restart the node with


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