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From Michael Fong <>
Subject Gossip heartbeat and packet capture
Date Wed, 23 Mar 2016 08:11:42 GMT
Hi, all,

We are trying to reason the possible scenarios when a C*(v1.x) cluster connection keeps flapping
in production. (Two node cluster, each node keeps marking the other node DOWN but came back
UP within seconds; multiple times a day) We have checked the load on the cluster i- very light
and low GC activities also. We have also checked the network interface / devices were working
just fine on the nodes during the incidence. We are changing our investigation direction to
the network topology/settings, so we are thinking to capture gossip heartbeat packet to verify
if the packet is received as expected on the other end.

Has anyone tried to capture the packet of gossip internode communication? What would be the
filter / criteria to grep heartbeat-related packet only?

Thanks in advance!


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