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From Atul Saroha <>
Subject Optimizing read and write performance in cassandra through multi-DCs.
Date Thu, 31 Mar 2016 11:12:44 GMT

Would like to understand what's the good approach for handling different
read and write pattens.

We have both read intensive (like direct traffic from web) and write
intensive tasks (continuous bulk/batch upload of data).

For this, we had setup the two datacenter one for read and one for write

Write traffic -> write schema 'W1' with its replication factor 'W1r' ->
read schema R1 with its replication factor 'R1r1'.

Read traffic -> same as above read schema R1 with it replication factor

R1 schema is same but read dc dont have write schema. Also Replication is
different for schema R1 in read and write dcs.

This done, so we can independently scale node based on read and write
performance requirement separately.

My question is :
Will this provide concrete performance benefit in cassandra?
Will making a single big cluster of one dc is better approach than this?

Note: bulk upload will write lots of partition keys in a batch. and We have
spark read and write jobs also configured with Write DC.

Atul Saroha
*Sr. Software Engineer*
*M*: +91 8447784271 *T*: +91 124-415-6069 *EXT*: 12369
Plot # 362, ASF Centre - Tower A, Udyog Vihar,
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