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From Tom van den Berge <>
Subject Re: Modeling Audit Trail on Cassandra
Date Wed, 16 Mar 2016 19:48:33 GMT
> Is text the most appropriate data type to store JSON that contain couple
> of dozen lines ?

It sure is the simplest way to store JSON.

The query requirement  is  "where executedby = ?”.

Since executedby is a timeuuid, I guess you don't want to query a single
record, since that would require you to know the exact timeuuid. Do you
mean that you would like to query all changes in a certain time frame, e.g.
today? In that case, you would have to group your rows in time buckets,
e.g. PRIMARY KEY ((period), auditid). Period can be a day, month, or any
other period that suits your situation. Retrieving all changes in a
specific time frame is done by retrieving all relevant periods.


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