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From Harikrishnan A <>
Subject Consistency Level (QUORUM vs LOCAL_QUORUM)
Date Sun, 27 Mar 2016 22:36:36 GMT

I have a question regarding consistency Level settings in a multi Data Center Environment.
 What is the preferred CL settings in this scenario for an immediate consistency , QUORUM
If the replication Factor is set to 3  each ( 2 Data Centers) , the QUORUM ( writes/read)
waits for 2 consistent response from nodes across the cluster ( out of total 6 replications)
, where as LOCAL_QUORUM expects 2 consistent response from 3 replicas within that LOCAL data
Center.  If my above understanding is correct, does that mean QUORUM doesn't guarantee Immediate
consistency ( in this multi Data Center Scenario) where as LOCAL_QUORUM does guarantee the
immediate consistency.

Thanks & Regards,Hari

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