I am trying to get a node bootstrapped in 3.0.3, but just at the point where the bootstrap process is to complete, a broken pipe exception occurs so the bootstrap process hangs. Once I kill the bootstrap process, I can execute "nodetool bootstrap resume" again and the same problem will occur just at the end of the bootstrap exercise. Here is the tail of the log:

[2016-02-27 18:02:05,898] received file /home/cassandra/data/sensordb/listedAttributes-79256340bbbb11e59f707d76a8de8480/ma-30-big-Data.db (progress: 357%)
[2016-02-27 18:02:06,479] received file /home/cassandra/data/sensordb/notification-f7e3eaa0024b11e5bb310d2316086bf7/ma-38-big-Data.db (progress: 361%)
[2016-02-27 18:02:06,884] session with / complete (progress: 361%)
[2016-02-27 18:02:06,886] Stream failed

I attempted to run nodetool repair, but get the following which I have been told indicates that the replication factor is 1:

root@bull:~# nodetool repair
[2016-02-27 18:04:55,083] Nothing to repair for keyspace 'sensordb'