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From Ivan Zelensky <>
Subject Can't select count(*)
Date Mon, 01 Feb 2016 07:56:33 GMT
Hi all! I have a table with simple primary key (one field on primary key
only), and ~1 million records. Table stored on single-node C* 2.2.4.
Problem: when I'm trying to execute "SELECT count(*) FROM my_table;",
operation is timed out.
As I understand, 1 mln rows is not so big dataset to use MapRed to count
it, so I thing it is smth wrong with configuration.
Also I can't do "COPY TO/FROM" when dataset > 30 000 rows.
Also maybe it is too weak hadrware (AWS EC2 t2.small), but even on t2.large
I had timeout on COPY, just on 300 000 rows.

My configuration is default config from deb package. Maybe somebody know
what I should to tweak there?

Thank you.

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