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From Jimmy Lin <>
Subject how to read parent_repair_history table?
Date Thu, 25 Feb 2016 06:13:19 GMT
hi all,
few questions regarding how to read or digest the
system_distributed.parent_repair_history CF, that I am very intereted to
use to find out our repair status...

Is every invocation of nodetool repair execution will be recorded as one
entry in parent_repair_history CF regardless if it is across DC, local node
repair, or other options ?

A repair job is done only if "finished" column contains value? and a repair
job is successfully done only if there is no value in exce
ption_messages or exception_stacktrace ?
what is the purpose of successful_ranges column? do i have to check they
are all matched with requested_range to ensure a successful run?

Ultimately, how to find out the overall repair health/status in a given
Scanning through parent_repair_history and making sure all the known
keyspaces has a good repair run in recent days?

CREATE TABLE system_distributed.parent_repair_history (
    parent_id timeuuid PRIMARY KEY,
    columnfamily_names set<text>,
    exception_message text,
    exception_stacktrace text,
    finished_at timestamp,
    keyspace_name text,
    requested_ranges set<text>,
    started_at timestamp,
    successful_ranges set<text>

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