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From Jarod Guertin <>
Subject copy and rename sstable files as keyspace migration approach
Date Tue, 23 Feb 2016 14:44:03 GMT
Being fairly new to Cassandra, I'd like to run the following with the
experts to make sure it's an ok thing to do.

We have a particular case where we have multiple keyspaces with multiple
tables each and we want to migrate to a new unique keyspace on the same

The approach envisioned is:
1. take snapshots on all the nodes
2. create the new keyspace and all the tables with identical schema
settings (just a different name and keyspace location)
3. one node at a time, stop cassandra, copy the db files from the old
keyspace\table locations to the new keyspace\table locations and rename the
db filename to use the new keyspace name; then restart cassandra
4. verify cassandra is running, then repeat step 3 for each other node
5. once all done switch our application calls to use the new keyspace \
6. run node repair on each node, one node at a time

It is understood that between the snapshots (1) and using the new keyspace
(5) that any changes would not be included in the migration, it would be
done during a maintenance window when only read operations would be
permitted.  I should also mention that our number of cassandra nodes is
greater than the replication factor (3).

If you have done something similar and have experiences\advices to share,
it would be most welcomed.


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