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From Emīls Šolmanis <>
Subject Re: Consistent read timeouts for bursts of reads
Date Thu, 25 Feb 2016 15:34:55 GMT
Having had a read through the archives, I missed this at first, but this
seems to be *exactly* like what we're experiencing.

Only difference is we're getting this for reads and using CQL, but the
behaviour is identical.

On Thu, 25 Feb 2016 at 14:55 Emīls Šolmanis <>

> Hello,
> We're having a problem with concurrent requests. It seems that whenever we
> try resolving more
> than ~ 15 queries at the same time, one or two get a read timeout and then
> succeed on a retry.
> We're running Cassandra 2.2.4 accessed via the 2.1.9 Datastax driver on
> AWS.
> What we've found while investigating:
>  * this is not db-wide. Trying the same pattern against another table
> everything works fine.
>  * it fails 1 or 2 requests regardless of how many are executed in
> parallel, i.e., it's still 1 or 2 when we ramp it up to ~ 120 concurrent
> requests and doesn't seem to scale up.
>  * the problem is consistently reproducible. It happens both under heavier
> load and when just firing off a single batch of requests for testing.
>  * tracing the faulty requests says everything is great. An example trace:
>  * the only peculiar thing in the logs is there's no acknowledgement of
> the request being accepted by the server, as seen in
>  * there's nothing funny in the timed out Cassandra node's logs around
> that time as far as I can tell, not even in the debug logs.
> Any ideas about what might be causing this, pointers to server config
> options, or how else we might debug this would be much appreciated.
> Kind regards,
> Emils

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