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From Felipe Esteves <>
Subject Nodetool Rebuild sending few big packets of data. Is it normal?
Date Fri, 26 Feb 2016 19:48:14 GMT

I'm running a nodetool rebuild to include a new DC in my cluster.
My config is:
DC1, 2 nodes per rack (2 racks), 70gb each node
DC2, 2 nodes per rack (1 rack), 90gb each node
DC3, 2 nodes per rack (1 rack) (*THIS IS THE NEW DC*)

What I did was get the 2 nodes in DC3 up and running with bootstrap=false,
and then ran a rebuild using DC2 as a parameter.

However, when I started, the load in both new nodes rapidly increased to
1.4GB, according to nodetool status. And then it was slowly increasing for
4 hours, in a 10mb basis. Then, suddenly, 1 node had 49.5GB and the other
followed soon.
In the instance logs, I have only stream messages from when I've started
the rebuild.

My point is, is it normal to Cassandra accumulate this amount of data and
then send it? I was hoping that it was more of a gradual and incremental


Felipe Esteves

Tecnologia <>

Tel.: (21) 3504-7162 ramal 57162


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