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From Anishek Agarwal <>
Subject Ops Centre Read Requests / TBL: Local Read Requests
Date Mon, 15 Feb 2016 10:51:21 GMT

I have installed Ops center 5.2.3 along with agents on three cassandra
nodes in my test cluster version 2.0.15. This has two tables in one
keyspace. I have a program that is reading values only from one of the
tables(table1) with in a keyspace.

I am looking at two graphs

   - Read Requests across Cluster  -- (1)
   - TBL: Local Read across Cluster for table1  -- (2)

I find that the (2) is having higher numbers than (1) almost twice as much,
is there something i am measuring wrong? i would think (1) would always be
higher than (2) .

table1 has

   - has a composite partition key (long,long)
   - has a single clustering key (text)


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