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From Marcus Eriksson <>
Subject Re: JBOD device space allocation?
Date Wed, 24 Feb 2016 07:15:36 GMT
It is mentioned here btw:

On Wed, Feb 24, 2016 at 8:14 AM, Marcus Eriksson <> wrote:

> If you don't use RandomPartitioner/Murmur3Partitioner you will get the old
> behavior.
> On Wed, Feb 24, 2016 at 2:47 AM, Jack Krupansky <>
> wrote:
>> I just wanted to confirm whether my understanding of how JBOD allocates
>> device space is correct of not...
>> Pre-3.2:
>> On each memtable flush Cassandra will select the directory (device) which
>> has the most available space as a percentage of the total available space
>> on all of the listed directories/devices. A random weighted value is used
>> so it won't always pick the same directory/device with the most space, the
>> goal being to balance writes for performance.
>> As of 3.2:
>> The ranges of tokens stored on the local node will be evenly distributed
>> among the configured storage devices - even by token range, even if that
>> may be uneven by actual partition sizes. The code presumes that each of the
>> configured local storage devices has the same capacity.
>> The relevant change in 3.2 appears to be:
>> Make sure tokens don't exist in several data directories (CASSANDRA-6696)
>> The code for the pre-3.2 model is still in 3.x - is there some other code
>> path which will cause the pre-3.2 behavior even when runing 3.2 or later?
>> I see this code which seems to allow for at least some cases where the
>> pre-3.2 behavior would still be invoked, but I'm not sure what user-level
>> cases that might be:
>> if (!cfs.getPartitioner().splitter().isPresent() || localRanges.isEmpty())
>>   return Collections.singletonList(new
>> FlushRunnable(lastReplayPosition.get(), txn));
>> return createFlushRunnables(localRanges, txn);
>> IOW, if the partitioner does not have a splitter present or the
>> localRanges for the node cannot be determined. But... what exactly would a
>> user do to cause that?
>> There is no doc for this stuff - can a committer (or adventurous user!)
>> confirm what is actually implemented, both pre and post 3.2? (I already
>> pinged docs on this.)
>> Or if anybody is actually using JBOD, what behavior they are seeing for
>> device space utilization.
>> Thanks!
>> -- Jack Krupansky

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