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From Harikrishnan A <>
Subject Re: Modeling Master Tables in Cassandra
Date Sat, 13 Feb 2016 03:05:31 GMT
Thanks Carlos...This certainly helps..
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  On Fri, Feb 12, 2016 at 2:02 AM, Carlos Alonso<> wrote:   Hi Hari.
I'd suggest having a customers table like this:
CREATE TABLE customers (  customerid UUID,  name VARCHAR,  email VARCHAR,  phonenr VARCHAR, 
PRIMARY KEY(name, email, phonenr)).
This way your inserts could be INSERT INTO customers (customerid, ...) VALUES (...) IF NOT
EXISTS;Afterwards, you can use your customerid in the dependent tables such as:
CREATE TABLE customeraction (  customerid UUID,  action VARCHAR,  time TIMESTAMP,  PRIMARY
KEY(customerid, action, time)  // Keys definition will, of course, depend on the access pattern.)
Before wrapping up I'd like to suggest denormalising a little bit using statics if possible.
In case you need to JOIN your customers with any of your dependent tables, that will have
to be done in application logic as Cassandra doesn't support such feature. Instead you can
denormalise using statics which will actually almost not duplicate any data as the static
is saved only once per partition.
An example:
CREATE TABLE customeraction (  customerid UUID,  name VARCHAR STATIC,  email VARCHAR STATIC, 
phonenr VARCHAR STATIC,  action VARCHAR,  time TIMESTAMP,  PRIMARY KEY(customerid, action,
This way, you avoid client side joins.
Hope this helps!
Carlos Alonso | Software Engineer | @calonso

On 12 February 2016 at 09:25, Harikrishnan A <> wrote:

Hello,I have a scenario where I need to create a customer master table in cassandra which
has attributes like customerid, name, email, phonenr .etc ..What is the best way to model
such table in cassandra keeping in mind that I will be using customer id to populate customer
information from other application work flows.  While inserting , I need to make sure the
customer profile doesn't exists in this table by verifying the combination for name + email
+ phonenr.  Unfortunately I can't  store the name, email, phonenr in some of the tables
where I have association with customer data, instead those table stores only customer id.
Thanks & Regards,Hari


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