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From "Richard L. Burton III" <>
Subject Re: Using cassandra a BLOB store / web cache.
Date Tue, 19 Jan 2016 22:07:51 GMT
I would ask why do this over say HDFS, S3, etc. seems like this problem has
been solved with other solutions that are specifically designed for blob

On Tue, Jan 19, 2016 at 4:23 PM, <> wrote:

> I recently started noodling with this concept and built a working blob
> storage service using node.js and C*.  I setup a basic web server using the
> express web server where you could POST binary files to the server where
> they would get chunked and assigned to a user and bucket, in the spirit of
> S3.  Then when you retrieved the file with a GET it would reassemble the
> chunks and push it out.  What was really nice about node.js is I could
> retrieve all the chunks in parallel asynchronously.  It was just for fun,
> but we have considered fleshing it out for use in our organization.  Here
> is the schema I developed:
> CREATE TABLE object.users (
>     name text PRIMARY KEY,
>     buckets set<text>,
>     password text
> );
> CREATE TABLE object.objects (
>     user text,
>     bucket text,
>     name text,
>     chunks int,
>     id uuid,
>     size int,
>     type text,
>     PRIMARY KEY ((user, bucket), name)
> );
> CREATE TABLE object.chunks (
>     file_id uuid,
>     num int,
>     data blob,
>     PRIMARY KEY (file_id, num)
> );
> For your purposes you could modify the objects table to keep a revision id
> or timeuuid for looking at previous versions.  If you want some insight
> into how the code worked give me a shout.

-Richard L. Burton III

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