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From Kevin Burton <>
Subject Using cassandra a BLOB store / web cache.
Date Tue, 19 Jan 2016 02:52:44 GMT
Internally we have the need for a blob store for web content.  It's MOSTLY
key, ,value based but we'd like to have lookups by coarse grained tags.

This needs to store normal web content like HTML , CSS, JPEG, SVG, etc.

Highly doubt that anything over 5MB would need to be stored.

We also need the ability to store older versions of the same URL for
features like "time travel" where we can see what the web looks like over

I initially wrote this for Elasticsearch (and it works well for that) but
it looks like binaries snuck into the set of requirements.

I could Base64 encode/decode them in ES I guess but that seems ugly.

I was thinking of porting this over to CS but I'm not up to date on the
current state of blobs in C*...

Any advice?


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