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From Dennis Birkholz <>
Subject Spark Cassandra Java Connector: records missing despite consistency=ALL
Date Wed, 13 Jan 2016 12:17:59 GMT
Hi together,

we Cassandra to log event data and process it every 15 minutes with 
Spark. We are using the Cassandra Java Connector for Spark.

Randomly our Spark runs produce too few output records because no data 
is returned from Cassandra for a several minutes window of input data. 
When querying the data (with cqlsh), after multiple tries, the data 
eventually becomes available.

To solve the problem, we tried to use consistency=ALL when reading the 
data in Spark. We use the 
CassandraJavaUtil.javafunctions().cassandraTable() method and have set 
"spark.cassandra.input.consistency.level"="ALL" on the config when 
creating the Spark context. The problem persists but according to using a consistency level of ONE on 
the write side (which we use) and ALL on the READ side should be 
sufficient for data consistency.

I would really appreciate if someone could give me a hint how to fix 
this problem, thanks!


some information about our setup:
Cassandra 2.1.12 in a two Node configuration with replication factor=2
Spark 1.5.1
Cassandra Java Driver 2.2.0-rc3
Spark Cassandra Java Connector 2.10-1.5.0-M2

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