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From cass savy <>
Subject Write/read heavy usecase in one cluster
Date Wed, 23 Dec 2015 22:06:42 GMT
How do you determine if we can share cluster in prod for 2 different

 1. Has anybody shared cluster in prod a write heavy use case that captures
user login info (few 100 rpm)  and hardly performs few reads per day
 Use case that is read heavy use case that is 92% read with 10k requests
per min,higher consistency level of quorum

2. Use of  in-memory tables for lookup tables  that will be referred to for
every request prior to writing to transactional tables. Has anyone ised it
in prod and what were the issues encountered. what will be tuning/reco to
follow for prod

3. Use of multiple data directories for different applications like having
different data partitions for write/read heavy and one separate for

4. plan to use C* 2.1 with vnodes/murmur for above usecases. Need feedback
of if people have tried tuning heap size, off-heap parameters in c* 2.0 and
above. in prod

5. Java 8 with c* 2.0 and higher pros/cons especially with G1GC garbage

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