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From Philip Persad <>
Subject Re: Replicating Data Between Separate Data Centres
Date Tue, 15 Dec 2015 00:13:27 GMT
I did consider doubling down and replicating both Kafka and Cassandra to
the secondary DC.  It seemed a bit complicated (term used relatively), and
I didn't want to think about the unlikely scenario of Cassandra writes
getting across before the Kafka ones.  Inserting everything in Kafka into
Cassandra after a failure is easy.  Removing everything from Cassandra that
-isn't- in Kafka is not a problem I want to take a swing at if I don't have

On Mon, Dec 14, 2015 at 4:02 PM, Jeff Jirsa <>

> Emit a message to a new kafka topic once the first write is persisted into
> cassandra with LOCAL_QUORUM (gives you low latency), then consume off of
> that topic to get higher-latency-but-causally-correct writes to subsequent
> (disconnected) DR DC.
> From: Philip Persad
> Reply-To: ""
> Date: Monday, December 14, 2015 at 3:37 PM
> To: Cassandra Users
> Subject: Re: Replicating Data Between Separate Data Centres
> Hi Jeff,
> You're dead on with that article.  That is a very good explanation of the
> problem I'm facing.  You're also right that, fascinating though that
> research is, letting it anywhere near my production data is not something
> I'd think about.
> Basically, I want EACH_QUORUM, but I'm not willing to pay for it.  My
> system needs to be reasonably close to a real-time system (let's say a soft
> real-time system).  Waiting for each write to make its way across a
> continent is not something I can live with (to say nothing about what
> happens if the WAN temporarily fails).
> Basically I guess what I'm hearing is that the best way to create a clone
> of a Cassandra cluster in another DC is to snapshot and restore.
> Thanks!
> -Phil
> On Mon, Dec 14, 2015 at 3:18 PM, Jeff Jirsa <>
> wrote:
>> There is research into causal consistency and cassandra (
>> for example), though you’ll note that it uses a fork (
>> ) which is unlikely something you’d ever
>> want to consider in production. Let’s pretend like it doesn’t exist, and
>> won’t in the near future.
>> The typical approach here is to have multiple active datacenters and
>> EACH_QUORUM writes, which gives you the ability to have a full DC failure
>> without impact. This also solves your fail-back problem, because when the
>> primary DC is restored, you simply run a repair. What part of EACH_QUORUM
>> is insufficient for your needs? The failure scenarios when the WAN link
>> breaks and it impacts local writes?
>> Short of that, your ‘occasional snapshots and restore in case of
>> emergency’ is going to be your next-best-thing.
>> From: Philip Persad
>> Reply-To: ""
>> Date: Monday, December 14, 2015 at 3:11 PM
>> To: Cassandra Users
>> Subject: Re: Replicating Data Between Separate Data Centres
>> Hi Jim,
>> Thanks for taking the time to answer.  By Causal Consistency, what I mean
>> is that I need strict ordering of all related events which might have a
>> causal relationship.  For example (albeit slightly contrived), if we are
>> looking at recording an event stream, it is very important that the event
>> creating a user be visible before the event which assigns a permissions to
>> a user.  However, I don't care at all about the ordering of the creation of
>> two different users.  This is what I mean by Causal Consistency.
>> This reason why LOCAL_QUORUM replication does not work for me, is
>> because, while I can get ordering guarantees about the order in which
>> writes will become visible in the Primary DC, I cannot get those guarantees
>> about the Secondary DC.  As a result (to user another slightly contrived
>> example), if a user is created and then takes an action shortly before the
>> failure of the Primary DC, there are four possible situations with respect
>> to what will be visible in the Secondary DC:
>> 1) Both events are visible in the Secondary DC
>> 2) Neither event will be visible in the Secondary DC
>> 3) The creation event is visible in the Secondary DC, but the action
>> event is not
>> 4) The action event is visible Secondary DC, but the creation event is not
>> States 1, 2, and 3 are all acceptable.  State 4 is not.  However, if I
>> understand Cassandra asynchronous DC replication correctly, I do not
>> believe I get any guarantees that situation 4 will not happen.  Eventual
>> Consistency promises to "eventually" settle into State 1.  However
>> "eventually" does me very little good if Godzilla steps on my Primary DC.
>> I'm willing to accept loss of data which was created near to a disaster
>> (States 2 and 3), but I cannot accept the inconsistent history of events in
>> State 4.
>> I have a mechanism outside of normal Cassandra replication which can give
>> me the consistency I need.  My problem is effectively with setting up a new
>> recovery DC after the failure of the primary.  How do I go about getting
>> all of my data into a new, cluster?
>> Thanks,
>> -Phil
>> On Mon, Dec 14, 2015 at 1:06 PM, Jim Ancona <> wrote:
>>> Could you define what you mean by Casual Consistency and explain why
>>> you think you won't have that when using LOCAL_QUORUM? I ask because LOCAL_QUORUM
>>> and multiple data centers are the way many of us handle DR, so I'd like to
>>> understand why it doesn't work for you.
>>> I'm afraid I don't understand your scenario. Are you planning on
>>> building out a new recovery DC *after* the primary has failed, or keeping
>>> two DCs in sync so that you can switch over after a failure?
>>> Jim
>>> On Mon, Dec 14, 2015 at 2:59 PM, Philip Persad <>
>>> wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I'm currently looking at Cassandra in the context of Disaster
>>>> Recovery.  I have 2 Data Centres, one is the Primary and the other acts as
>>>> a Standby.  There is a Cassandra cluster in each Data Centre.  For the time
>>>> being I'm running Cassandra 2.0.9.  Unfortunately, due to the nature of my
>>>> data, the consistency levels that I would get out of LOCAL_QUORUM writes
>>>> followed by asynchronous replication to the secondary data centre are
>>>> insufficient.  In the event of a failure, it is acceptable to lose some
>>>> data, but I need Casual Consistency to be maintained.  Since I don't have
>>>> the luxury of performing nodetool repairs after Godzilla steps on my
>>>> primary data centre, I use more strictly ordered means of transporting
>>>> events between the Data Centres (Kafka for anyone who cares about that
>>>> detail).
>>>> What I'm not sure about, is how to go about copying all the data in one
>>>> Cassandra cluster to a new cluster, either to bring up a new Standby Data
>>>> Centre or as part of failing back to the Primary after I pick up the
>>>> pieces.  I'm thinking that I should either:
>>>> 1. Do a snapshot (
>>>> and then restore that snapshot on my new cluster (
>>>> )
>>>> 2. Join the new data centre to the existing cluster (
>>>> Then separate the two data centres into two individual clusters by doing
>>>> . . something???
>>>> Does anyone have any advice about how to tackle this problem?
>>>> Many thanks,
>>>> -Phil

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